Testing of fire protection systems

Trust is good, control is better: Properly functioning fire extinguishing and smoke warning systems contribute significantly to the safety of your entire wind turbine generator. MEB Safety Services assumes the installation, maintenance and service of fire alarm systems or fire extinguishing and smoke warning systems from protecfire.

In order to ensure the safety of wind turbine generators, the following deadlines are provided for if the official requirements according to the building permit are met: a small inspection every year and a major inspection after five years. Conditions in special protected areas, for example in forests, must also be observed. MEB Safety Services guarantees for each inspection of the fire alarm systems or fire extinguishing and smoke warning systems a completely digital recording of the inspection in the specially developed documentation system.

Advantages of testing your fire alarm systems

Take advantage of the know-how and service of MEB Safety Services to reduce possible malfunctions and minimise downtimes. Regular testing of fire alarm systems or fire extinguishing and smoke warning systems also reliably protects you from a total loss of your wind turbine generators. This also results in the prevention of damage to the company’s image in the event of a fire.

Increased security of your WTGs also increases acceptance among investors. The insurability of your investments increases, and the insurance premiums are thus correspondingly lower. In addition, our environment is protected by the prevention of fire. Thanks to flexible emergency teams, we can quickly implement all services for fire alarm systems or fire extinguishing and smoke alarm systems on schedule.

Sicherheitstechniker bei der Arbeit

Obstruction lighting and on-demand night identification

Safety is our top priority. MEB Safety Services quickly and reliably carries out the installation, conversion, maintenance and service of obstruction lighting systems or on-demand identification (ONI) and transponders.

Annual inspection of obstruction lighting

The recommended annual inspection, which is based on compliance with official regulations, reduces malfunctions or downtime of obstruction lights. The General Administrative Regulation on the Marking of Aircraft Obstacles (AVV), the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) and the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) § 9 para. 8 EEG are the governing regulations in this regard.

MEB Safety Services can quickly implement all obstruction lighting services on schedule thanks to flexible emergency teams. Our electricians and fitters are trained specialists with extensive experience. On request, we carry out these services in combination with further tests or plant inspections.