Equipment examination within the framework of the DGUV

Legislation and trade association regulations such as the DGUV stipulate the inspection of personal protective equipment against falls from heights (PPEaF) and of lifting equipment in industry. Operators of wind turbine generators, cranes or other high-rise structures are required by law to ensure adequate occupational safety. MEB Safety Services helps companies to meet their responsibilities.

MEB Safety Services carries out equipment testing for of protective equipment (PPEaF), lifting gear up to ten tonnes as well as access equipment and safety gear. As experts, we maintain and repair devices and work equipment throughout Germany.

We offer the following tests for equipment:

  • Winches, lifting and pulling devices and rope blocks according to DGUV-V-52
  • Lifting cages and winches of access equipment according to DIN EN 1808
  • Rescue equipment according to DGUV-G-312-906 + DGUV-R-112-199
  • Electrical systems and equipment according to DGUV-V-3
  • Lifting platforms and lifting equipment according to DGUV-R-100-500
  • Power-operated windows, doors and gates according to ASR A1.7
  • Anchor points according to DIN EN 795
  • Ladders according to DGUV-I-208-032 + DGUV-I-208-016
  • Climbing protection according to DGUV-R-112-198/199

Minimum order value in our garage

Unfortunately, we are not spared from the current cost increases. For this reason, we have decided to set a minimum order value of € 150 net for future orders to our garage. Should the order value fall below this amount, we will charge a surcharge for the difference when issuing the invoice.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to receiving your orders.

Safety first – always!

You may not deal with the condition PPEaF are in on a daily basis, but you do put trust in their function every day. This is why proactive communication is particularly important to us. We provide early information about upcoming maintenance intervals and new industry regulations.

Testing directly on site

MEB Safety Services carries out the equipment testing both on site and in the workshop in Bremen. Our fitters are regularly on the road in the wind energy business from single turbines to wind farms with 80 or more wind turbine generators. We also test equipment and devices, whether on cranes, buildings, construction sites or industrial plants. Our workshop features modern, computer-aided workstations that allows us to carry out repairs quickly and professionally thanks to our large spare parts warehouse. That’s because our aim is to minimise downtime for your company.

Unique testing stations for safety gears

Our stationary testing station for winches and safety gears tests according to scientifically exact standards and is unique in the industry – its precision even exceeds the test requirements of many manufacturers.

Our mobile testing station tests safety gears for lifts in wind turbine generators directly on site The removed safety gear is tested directly next to the wind turbine generators and can ideally be reinstalled on the same day. This is an unprecedented test procedure. The mobile test bench is also easy to transport, can be quickly set up and is suitable for different types of safety gears. This service means great time saving combined with a higher availability of the system. We guarantee that the same test specifications are observed on site in order to reliably prove and document the functionality of the safety gear.

Optimum transparency of equipment examination

MEB Safety Services in Bremen offers documentation that is easy to understand and trustworthy. We document every step of our testing and repairs using pictures and text. You will receive a detailed documentation protocol along with your tested device. This makes our work comprehensible for you and for authorities.
MEB Safety Services records all data digitally – on site with mobile terminals and in our workshop at computer-aided workstations. Thanks to our self-developed, cloud-based software, you can track every step of the testing process. You can track the status of their devices in real time. This transparency is important to us because it creates trust and is an attest to the focus we place on our customers.

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