DGUV V3 Inspections

DGUV V3 inspections for wind turbines

According to the German Statutory Accident Insurance Regulation 3 (DGUV V3), electrical systems and equipment must be inspected at least every four years or in accordance with the hazard analysis – this also includes wind turbines and substations. As a wind farm operator, you are obliged to have the inspections carried out on time by qualified electricians to ensure comprehensive technical and occupational safety.

MEB Safety Services supports you in meeting this responsibility.

With our DGUV V3 inspections, you ensure that the legal requirements are fully implemented at all times. Our electricians are qualified by specific DGUV V3 training and have many years of experience with a wide range of system types and the requirements of the system technology of all manufacturers.

We systematically examine the numerous test points of the DGUV V3 inspection by inspecting, testing and measuring. In doing so, we check all electrical components at low and medium voltage level as well as the lightning protection to identify both short- and long-term sources of danger: e.g., loose screw connections, missing safety devices or damage to the cables. Since different types of plants differ in their plant technology, we take into account the respective requirements and create individual test procedures if necessary.

By regularly checking the wind turbine technology, defects can be detected and repaired at an early stage. Since around 60 percent of all plant downtimes result from malfunctions in the electronics, the DGUV V3 inspection not only minimises the risk of accidents with personal injury caused by electric current and their consequences under liability law. At the same time, it reduces longer downtimes due to major damage and thus improves the long-term availability of your plants as well as the profit situation.

Consider the obligation as an opportunity and benefit from the implementation of DGUV V3 by MEB Safety Services GmbH.

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